Emergent Curriculum

Emergent Curriculum is a philosophy of teaching and way of planning curriculum that focuses on being responsive to children’s interests to create meaningful learning experiences. The philosophy encourages active participation, relationship building, flexible and adaptable methods, inquiry, and play-based learning. Little Tots curriculum is child-initiated, collaborative, and responsive to children’s needs. Knowledge of the child is the key to success. 

Handwriting Without Tears

HWT is a Language Arts Program that teaches through music, building, playing and stories; focus is on prewriting skills, shapes, drawing, writing letters, body parts etc. 


STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) age appropriate activities, building with blocks, stacking, patterns, giving exposure to numbers, counting, ordinal numbers, counting, tally marks, simple graphing, sorting, categorizing, calendar, days of the week, months & seasons, weather etc.

Imaginative Play

Children will increase their imaginations through playing with blocks, building, dramatic play, viewing and putting on puppet shows; encouraging planning & problem solving.

Language Development/Communication Skills

Here at Little Tots we provide a language rich environment. Children are encouraged to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs through verbal requests. If children are non verbal they are encouraged to communicate through hand signals, signing, & picture exchange communication system-PECS. 

Gross Motor Skills

Children will work on balance, endurance, postural control and coordination in order to build their gross motor skills and improve muscle tone through varied age appropriate/skill based activities. Little Tots is in close collaboration with adaptive physical education teachers in the local area. 


Fine Motor Skills

Children will work on their fine motor skills through engaging hands on activities; sensory play, sorting, coloring, magnets, puzzles, writing etc; in order to build muscle memory.

Circle Time

Circle Time is lots of fun and educational! The focus is on social skills, making friends, rhyme time, music, sing-alongs, music instruments, stories, finger plays, dancing, school readiness and academic instruction; identifying letters, numbers, shapes, objects, body parts & participating in calendar time. 

Emotional Regulation

Little Tots uses a research based program called Generation Mindful where children are taught to identify their feelings and choose a “tool” to help them regulate their feelings instead of “acting out”. The Zones of Regulation, Flexible Thinking and Expected vs. Unexpected Behavior by Michelle Garcia Winner are also used to help children with Autism and other developmental delays regulate their emotions. Children are praised for doing what is expected, while unexpected behavior is ignored or redirected with positive reinforcement. 

About our Facility


A child centered location off Vine Hill.

Little Tot's is in a beautiful, quiet setting in Sebastopol, California; with a circular driveway for easy drop off and pick up.

We provide research based & age appropriate curriculum tailored to fit your child's individual needs & interests.

*Clean & tidy environment.

*Fenced yard with a safe play structure & toys  for children to expend that extra energy.

*A child's roadway for big wheels & tricycles (super cute & fun!).

*1200 Square foot unit set up strictly to be a daycare/preschool setting. 

*Two classrooms/playrooms with games, toys, puzzles, art supplies, books, train table and more!

*One large quiet room for napping if needed.

*Fully equipped kitchen & 2 bathrooms.

*A safe place for your child to learn and grow. 

*Garden box ready for your little one to plant some seeds.  

Enroll Now!

The best way to enroll your child is to set up an appointment to meet the director and get an enrollment packet. We are looking forward to meeting you!