Letters of Reference (From Teaching & Nannying)

Jordan G. 8/07/2019

Lindsey is a great with kids! We had her watch our twin toddler boys while we had a last minute change. She naturally assesses the needs of children and parents. Applies her developmental knowledge of children to play activities and songs. Boys were immediately comfortable with her and didn't even cry when we left, after only knowing her for a few minutes. Highly recommend.

Emily C. 5/01/2019

To Whom It May Concern,

I’ve had the great privilege to get to know Lindsey as my daughters special education teacher. While my daughter was in Lindsey’s class for almost two years she made a lot of growth. She understands the needs of kids with individual learning abilities. She works hard to make sure the children meet their goals while having fun. She also understands the needs for  students understand what is coming next and function as the move on to the next grade.

If you want a teacher who will go the extra mile, she will do that. She advocates for her students to make sure they get what they need. She is always in communication with the parents as to how the kids are doing in class. If she sees an area where they may need extra support she makes sure to let the families know and provides that to the best of her ability.

She is the type of teacher who will check in on students in the hospital, who makes time to put names on the giving tree for her students. The type of teacher who makes children feel important and smart.  

I firmly believe that Linsdsey will be a valuable asset to your family. We as a family  love Linsdsey and I know that you will too.

Sincerely yours,
The Cadena family

Amber B. 5/08/2019

To Whom it May Concern,

It is my pleasure to write this letter on behalf of my colleague, Lindsey as she seeks employment in your school district. Lindsey has worked as a Special Day Class Teacher for the Piner-Olivet Union School District for the past two years for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities; second thru sixth grade.  As a contracted Speech-Language Pathologist in the Piner-Olivet Union School District, I have worked closely with Lindsey and her students over the past year on case management, speech and language IEP goals and services, and pushing-in to her classroom.  

Lindsey is a strong advocate for her students and ensures that their individual needs are being met. She truly cares about the well being of her students as demonstrated by the way in which she collaborates with their families and service providers to ensure goals are academically and developmentally appropriate.  She works with integrity and is knowledgeable about state and federal Special Education procedures which she shares with IEP teams to ensure students are able to best access the supports they need.  Lindsey always attends IEP meetings well prepared; bringing with her relevant data and student work to back up her statements.  Over the past year, many parents have spoken about her compassion and ability to build up her student’s self-esteem,  and are pleased to have their child in her classroom. 

Lindsey's classroom is warm and engaging; and it is obvious that she has a close bond with her students. She goes above and beyond to ensure that they have a fun learning experience. Many of the parents expressed it was the first time their child wanted to go to school once having Ms. Gorsuch as their teacher. She makes each student feel important, smart, and safe. 


Amber B. M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Piner-Olivet Union School District

Marie J. April 17, 2019

To whom it may concern: 

I had the privilege of working with Lindsey in the Piner-Olivet District 2017-2018. We met most weeks to collaborate, share resources and discuss challenges. I was able to observe Lindsey in the classroom and found her to be capable as well as good-humored. Lindsey has a broad range of knowledge about interventions and learning tools. In a very complex SDC, with a variety of disabilities, Lindsey created a strong and caring learning environment with differentiated instruction targeted to each individual student. 

Lindsey was well-loved and appreciated by the parents of her students who saw improvements in their children. They felt that she bent over backward to take the students on educational field trips though this required extensive extra time on Lindsey's. She also worked tirelessly to make sure the students had access to physical education, the arts, and any other school activities that would get them out of the classroom and into enriching experiences where they could get exposure to the general education students of their age. 

As a colleague, Lindsey was supportive and resourceful. She shared her materials generously, suggesting the best interventions for my students. I appreciated her willingness to listen to my descriptions and observe in my classroom in order to match appropriate programs to my students’ needs. Lindsey would be a wonderful addition to any school. She applies gentleness and humor as well as a firm hand where needed for excellent classroom management. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 


Marie J.

Emma O. August 09, 2019.

Lindsey is excellent with children. She has been working in the field of education for the past 13 years and as a nanny for 20 plus. She loves kids and has an ability to create a rapport with them quickly. She is a kind and sweet person who goes above and beyond to serve the children in her care. She is patient too and can work effectively with parents to get goals met or help advocate for services at the district level. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding child development and working with children who have special needs. I highly recommend her and am pleased she is fulfilling a long time dream to open her own facility.

Feel free to call with any questions,


Amy M. 7/06/2019

Dear Interested Parties, 

I was in a bind and needed after school care for my child with high functioning Autism. I found Lindsey to be very flexible with our schedule and very patient with my son. She would talk to him about his feelings and he opened up to her. They had fun creating and going on treasure hunts, going to the park, and playing board games. She even got him to do his homework and complete a book report he had been resistant to doing. We are grateful she was able to help us out.  My husbands schedule recently changed so he was able to stay home with my son. I highly recommend her if anyone needs a babysitter or childcare!

Thanks, Lindsey for all your help!

Amy M.