Meet the Director

Welcome to Little Tot's Country Day Care!


Hello there! 

My name is Lindsey and I am a Special Education Teacher.  I would like to give you some background about how Little Tots got started, I created this special place to fill a niche needed in our community. I have a heart and passion for education and teaching children with unique learning abilities. 

Over the past 10 years I have acquired a lot of skills working with children with various needs and attended multiple workshops (Michelle Garcia Winner, Temple Grandin, Move it-Move it, etc.) to improve my instruction.  I specialize in the field of Autism & Down Syndrome; using Applied Behavioral Analysis and helping children navigate emotions through the Zones of Regulation.  I strive to create a positive rapport with each child and integrate their personal interests into the setting and lessons.  

I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. I started babysitting when I was 10 years old as a mother's helper, then as a baby sitter for the next 8 years. I also volunteered with an organization called Challenger's (a sports program for children with special needs) during high school. I have always loved working with children. After graduating high school I enrolled at Sonoma State University in the Liberal Arts teaching program and signed up to be an on call nanny for a professional company in the bay area.  I earned a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies in 2006 and completed the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential program in 2007.  Upon completion, I was hired as a kindergarten teacher and taught a few after school reading intervention programs for the next 2 years. 

My colleagues noticed I had a lot of patience and encouraged me to look into teaching children with special needs. After much thought,  I went back to Sonoma State University and earned 2 more teaching credentials; Educational Specialist (Mild/Moderate), Educational Specialist (Moderate/Severe). During that time I volunteered with Saturday Sidekicks where I helped children with developmental needs improve their gross motor skills & muscle tone. Upon completion, I taught a preschool class for students with special needs and absolutely loved it. Over the past 9 years I have taught special education in various settings while attending workshops and conferences to improve my instruction and practice. 

Through my teaching experiences I discovered there was a need in our community for early intervention daycare/preschool settings with small child to adult ratios. After a lot of thought and reflection I woke up one morning knowing this was what I was meant to do! 

My aim is to help families navigate the transition from preschool/daycare to elementary school and be a resource for services in the community & help navigating the IEP process (if needed). 

My teaching philosophy is that every child can and will learn given the proper tools and environment. I want each child in my care to feel cared for, respected, and valued through praise and positive reinforcement in a safe, nurturing, clean & child centered setting.