General Daily Schedule

7:30 Drop Off, Free Play

8:30 Wash Hands, Breakfast, Clean Up

9:00 Circle Time/Gross Motor/Music

9:20 Play Outside/Walk/Free Play if raining

10:00 Story Time

10:15 Wash Hands/Snack

10:40 Arts & Crafts, Coloring, Fine Motor

11:15 Garden/Kids Road/Imaginative Play

11:45 Wash Hands, Quiet Activities

12:00 Circle Time/Songs/Stories/Education

12:30 Pick up for Half Day Students, Wash Hands/Lunch

1:00 Nap Time 

2:30 Free Play Inside

3:00 Wash Hands, Snack, Play Outside

3:30 Table Activities/Generation Mindful

4:00 Music/Gross Motor/Indoor Play

4:30 Story Time & Outside Play

5:00 Clean Up, Wind Down, Discuss the Day, 

5:30 Pick up time

Infant Schedule is same as above but will vary depending on child's individual resting & eating needs/schedule.

One Night a Month Little Tots hosts a Parent's Night Out from 5 to 10 p.m.             $50 (optional)